Arc4You Advanced Extents

This is an extension to ESRI ArcView 3.x for defining often used map extents.

Advanced Extents is an improvement of the ESRI extension Named Extents with the following innovations: An extent is valid for all views of the project and not only for the active view. The menu Extents only shows those extents that overlap with the active view. You can assign a fixated scale to each extent by naming it like "Overview 1:100,000". You can assign access keys to extents by entering an ampersand "&" in its name. When you highlight an extent in the menu you see the resulting scale in the status bar. Named extents of the ESRI extension NAMEDEXT.AVX are converted automatically.

Add Extent Store the currently visible extent of the view or update an existing one.
Import Extents Import extents from other projects.
Delete Extents Delete a single or several named extents.
Rename Extents Rename a single or several extents.
Show Extents Display extents as named graphics in the view that can be edited.
Sync Extents Sync named graphics with extents after editing (apply changes).

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GIS software extending the functionality of ESRI ArcView 3.x.

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