Arc4You Advanced Overview

This is an extension to ESRI ArcView 3.x that provides functions for an easy and comfortable orientation and navigation in your views.

Advanced Overviews is an improvement of the ESRI extension Overviews with the following innovations: The overview windows stay on top of all other ArcView windows. The overview windows can be placed on the desktop wherever you want. The overviews are only visible when the corresponding view is visible. You can zoom to an extent directly in the overview with the mouse pointer. You can pan through your view using the cursor keys on the keyboard. Overviews of the ESRI extension OVERVIEW.AVX are converted automatically.

Overview Open Create configurable overview windows or show/hide existing overviews.
Overview Remove Delete overview windows from your project.
Panning Arrows Show or hide panning arrows at the four borders and corners of the view (small buttons similar to the Panning Frame in ArcPad).
Display Sliders Show or hide sliders along the right and lower border of the view (comparable to the scroll bars in the windows of other applications).

Find out all the details by reading the product documentation here..Arc4You Logo

GIS software extending the functionality of ESRI ArcView 3.x.


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