Annotations Modify - Modify the attributes of annotation features or graphic labels

With this function you can modify the attributes (font, style, color, size, rotation, label text and position) of graphic labels in the view and of annotations in annotation themes (this only works with AutoCAD DXF files that were created with the Arc4You extension). You must first select the labels you want to modify using the pointer/selection tool or the function Annotations Select. Each attribute has a checkbox that must be activated before changes can be done. If the checkbox is deactivated, the corresponding attribute won't be changed.

Click on the Analyze button to analyze the attributes of the chosen annotations or graphic labels (the most common value of each attribute will be displayed in the dialog). If all labels have the same value, the corresponding checkbox will be activated as well - all other attributes will be deactivated (if you activate these attributes all exceptions or not corresponding labels will be adjusted to the majority).

In the preview area in the left bottom of the dialog you can see a text with the current settings of font, style, size and color and thus you can proof the modifications you will apply to the chosen labels.

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