Graphics Report - Analyze and report the number of graphics in the project

This function analyzes all views and layouts in the project for graphic elements and thereby evaluates Graphic Groups too. Often it is necessary to export all graphics from the project to shapefiles or annotation themes, because the project file is getting too big and slow and hardly can't be handled any more. The main cause for this (i.e. the documents containing many graphics) are often difficult to locate, in particular when graphics are attached to themes and therefore not even visible, or if layouts contain embedded views with graphics (views without a "Live Link"). This function helps you to find out where, which and how many graphics are contained in your project. The aim should be a project with single or none graphic elements at all.

For every view and layout (Document) the number of the found graphics separated by type (Point, Line, Polygon, Text) and the sum (Total) is listed. If graphics are attached to a theme in a view or a layout contains embedded views, these themes or views are listed separately (with a hyphen in front). In the bottom line the total sum of all graphics in the project is displayed.

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