Add Fields - Add new fields to multiple tables

With this function you can create several new fields in multiple tables or themes at one step. The list Field History on the left side of the dialog can be used to select previously added fields quickly. The list New Fields on the right side contains new fields that shall be added to the tables. The field properties (name, type, width, accuracy and initial value) and options of the function can be defined in the middle of the dialog.

Hint: If you want to add a field that is similar to an already existing one, select it in Field History or New Fields, change the field name or other settings and click on Add. If you want to create a completely new field, just enter the field name and other settings and click on Add. The log of the added fields will get lost if you uninstall the extension Arc4You Data.

Field properties:

Note: The decimal point itself consumes one place of the field width, i.e. the number of possible pre-decimal places results from the total field width minus the number of decimal places minus 1.


Hint: To clear particular numeric fields, enter NIL or Null as Initial Value.

After clicking on the New Fields will be created in the tables and recorded in the Field History of the project. The status bar shows the number of new fields and how many fields were replaced or kept. Existing fields with a different field type or a smaller field width are reported as errors.

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