Arc4You Data 1.0 - General Information

This extension was especially designed to process fields and data in large databases comfortably, i.e. you can not only work with a single table but with several tables synchronous. To keep the overview over the fields in the tables, they are divided into two lists (fields occurring several times separated from unique fields - see Hints to select fields). Thus you can check at a glance if all the required fields are existing in all tables, if they have the same data type and field width - or if there are differences and errors in your data structure.

The modifications are always done directly in the source tables (in contrast to other common extensions no new output tables or unnecessary copies are created). Thus the operations can be limited to the chosen fields, which increases the speed considerably. As you can't make the modifications undone, you should create backups of your data periodically (this is something that you should do anyway!). The themes or tables must not be in edit mode before using a function. If they are currently edited, all changes are saved and edit mode will be stopped (only the function Update Fields keeps the edit mode).

The functions are available for the active spreadsheet and the selected tables in the project window as well as for the themes of the active view that have an attribute table (shapefiles with dBASE and coverages and grids with an INFO table). The tables or themes that should be processed must be added to the project or view first and must be activated by clicking with the mouse pointer before calling the function. Functions that need graphic features for processing are not available for pure data tables (without a field named Shape).

Data functions for themes (attribute tables):  Data functions for data tables:

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