Arc4You Data - Hints to select fields

With all the functions of this extension you can process several tables or themes synchronous at one step (by the way: the number of affected tables is shown in the title of the dialog). To give you an overview of the existing fields, they are displayed in two separate lists:

In most of the dialog windows you find the following buttons to select fields:

Keep the Shift key pressed to add the fields to the current selection and the Ctrl key to remove them from the selection. If you click on All while pressing the Shift key, the selection is switched.

In both lists the real name of the field in the table file is displayed - not the virtual name that is used in the spreadsheets of the project (so called Alias - we suggest to refrain from using alias names in tables in any case - they are only valid in this project and may cause a lot of confusion). Behind the field name the field type in capital letters and the field width is displayed. For numeric fields the number of decimal places is displayed separated by a dot (see examples below).

The field Shape is only displayed at the function Join Attributes. In this case the field types Poly (polygon), Line, Point (single point) and Multi (multiple points) are used.

At Common Fields the field type, width and accuracy is only displayed if it is identical in all fields. Thus you can find out at a glance if the fields of the chosen tables have only the same name but not the same field type or width. Examples:

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