Legend Backup - Save legends in backup file or change backup settings

Legend Backup enables you to create backups of legends manually. Use the function to save the current state of your legends permanently or under a particular name respectively to change path, name or settings of your backup file. Normally a manual backup is not necessary because Arc4You saves the legends automatically before a legend is being modified.

Remark: If you change path or name of the backup file, a new (empty) file is created. The old file stays untouched and can still be used by calling this function and choosing it again.

There are three different strategies for the administration of legend backups:

In this backup file all legends of all ArcView projects handled by a user on this computer are saved (default setting). The advantage is, that there are no backup files for every project and only those legends are saved and shown in the common restoration file, that were used by the user of that computer. On the other hand the legend can only be restored on the computer and with the user's name on which it was changed (for other users or on an other computer no restoration is possible). Number and duration of the backups should be set sparsely (e.g. 10 backups for 30 days) for not creating a backup file that is too big.

In this backup file all legends of an ArcView project are saved. This is recommended if several users are working with the same ArcView project. The disadvantage is the creation of a separate backup file for every ArcView project. Number and duration can be set generous (e.g. 50 backups per themes for 360 days), because in this case the backup files stay rather small.

This strategy is a compromise between the two above mentioned ones and combines both of their advantages. One single backup file takes the legends of all ArcView projects in a project path. It can be used by all users and is still small of size (don't save more than 5 - 10 projects in it).

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