Arc4You Legends 1.0 - General Information

All Arc4You legend functions work with the active themes of a view. The themes must therefore be selected before calling an Arc4You legend function (by pressing the shift key several themes can be activated or deactivated). If no theme is active, the functions are not available. Some functions support only particular types of themes. They are only available if at least one theme of the required type is active.

What you can do with Arc4You Legends:

Hints to Backup and Restore Legends:

When you have loaded Arc4You Legends every change in a legend that is done by a default function of ArcView (i.e. opening the legend editor by double clicking on a theme) or by the extended functions of Arc4You legends is automatically recorded in a backup file. Therefore every change can be undone! This doesn't work with changes that are made by other Avenue scripts or other extensions.

The backup is by default created in a temporary file (environment variable $HOME) and consists of the files avlbak.lbf (legend backup file - contains the merged ASCII text of the legend files) and avlbak.lbx (legend backup index - contains references to the stored legends including name of project, view and theme, backup date and time).

A backup file keeps by default the last 20 changes of a legend. Changes that go back to more than 60 days are removed. This keeps the file size low and saves unnecessary defragmenting of the file.

If the index file is removed or destroyed, the informations about the legends contained in the backup file are lost and a new (empty) file will automatically be created when calling the functions Legend Backup or Legend Restore. Before this, particular legends can manually be extracted form the file:

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