Panning Arrows - Show/hide panning arrows

This function displays and hides Panning Arrows at the four borders and corners of the view, that enable you to navigate in your view easily. These little buttons are always active, independent from the active tool. Thus you can navigate in the view at any time (without e.g. stopping to digitize a graphic element or deactivating the selection tool). The panning arrows stay permanent if the project is stored and opened again. To hide the arrows again, call the function once more.

Normally the visible extent is moved by the half view width or height when clicking on an arrow (the arrows in the corners cause the corresponding diagonal offset). Press the Shift key to move the visible extent by the full view width or height. Press the Ctrl key to move the extent in the opposite direction. If you have clicked on an arrow too often and moved the extent too far, you can thereby undo the latest movements easily (instead of clicking on the opposite panning arrow).

Note: If you change the window size of the view, the position of the panning arrows will only be updated when the view is updated (e.g. by making other themes active). Therefore just click on any theme in the table of contents and the panning arrows will be repositioned correctly.

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