Arc4You Advanced Overviews 1.0 - General Information

What's new in version

Overview Windows, Panning Arrows and Display Sliders can be used for an easy and comfortable orientation and navigation in your views. You can either display small panning arrows along the borders and corners of the view frame (small buttons similar to the Panning Frame in ArcPad) or two sliders along the right and lower border of the view.

With the function Overview Open you can create freely configurable overview windows, that stay on top of all other ArcView windows, can be placed at the windows desktop wherever you want and can be synchronized with the view. Thus you always see, which extent of your view is displayed at the moment. Moreover you can choose an extent in this window directly with the mouse pointer (Zoom Mode) - without activating a tool or a button before. In the Pan Mode you can pan through your view using the cursor keys on the keyboard (moving between extents with a fixed scale or zone size).

Overviews that were created with the ESRI Extension OVERVIEW.AVX will be converted to the new format automatically. As Advanced Overview does not store the views but only their settings in the project, the size of the project file isn't increasing and no errors due to missing or destroyed data sources may occur.

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