Arc4You Data

This is an extension to ESRI ArcView 3.x for manipulating fields in multiple tables or themes.

Arc4You Data is designed for optimizing and maintaining a consistent data structure. You can not only work with a single table, but with several tables at one step. Check at a glance if all required fields exist in all tables, have the same type and width. You can work with the active table or the selected tables in the project window. You can work with the themes of the active view too (shapefiles, coverages or grids). You can define feature properties (Area, Thinness etc.) or your own calculations. The source table is modified directly - no unnecessary output tables are created.

Add Fields Add new fields to multiple tables (reuse previously added fields).
Delete Fields Delete multiple fields in multiple tables at one step.
Update Fields Create or update status fields (feature properties or field calculations).
Rename Fields Rename fields in dBASE/INFO files (use function for multiple fields).
Optimize Fields Optimize field width and decimal places in multiple tables.
Freeze Fields Copy values of joined fields to real table fields (freeze dynamic joins).
Modify Fields Modify field name, type, width, precision or value (Avenue function).
Reorder Fields Reorder fields in the virtual tables or adjust field order in the table files.
Load Attributes Load attributes from a source theme (multiple spatial join).
Sum Attributes Summarize attributes of a source theme (aggregated spatial join).


Find out all the details by reading the product documentation here..Arc4You Logo

GIS software extending the functionality of ESRI ArcView 3.x.


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