Arc4You Legends

This is an extension to ESRI ArcView 3.x for administrating and manipulating legends.
Arc4You Legends improves the following standard functions of ArcView:
Restore Restore the previous state of a legend (undo and redo changes).
Copy Copy a legend to other themes (and convert between different theme types).
Save Save the legend or colormap files of many themes (even image themes).
Import Import legend classifications from a table or text file (from a list of values).
Export Export legends to table or text files (create a list of values for further use).
Build Classify many themes with new methods and many parameters (even grids).
Sort Sort legend classes by values, labels, symbol size, colors or brightness.
Limit Limit legends to visible features or grid values (remove unused classes).
Extend Estend legends to all features or grid values (add missing classes).
Palettize Add new colors or symbols of legends to the ArcView palette.
Ramp Create legends with continuous colors ramps (use your own color ramps).
Adjust Adjust hue, saturation or brightness of legend colors.

And a lot more...


Find out all the details by reading the product documentation here.Arc4You Logo

GIS software extending the functionality of ESRI ArcView 3.x.

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