Modify Fields - Modify field name, value, type, width or decimal precision

With this function you can modify several fields of multiple tables or themes, i.e. change field name, type, width and number of decimal places:

Warning: Conversion errors can occur if e.g. a text is not convertible into a number or a date. These values would get lost if the original field will be removed. Therefore the original fields should always be kept - see option above.

Warning: Decreasing the field width may cause a loss of data. For security reasons you should either keep the original fields or use the function Optimize Fields which calculates the optimum field width.

Warning: By changing the decimal precision the field width will be adapted automatically, i.e. if you add 2 decimal places the field width will be increased by 2 places too (or decreased respectively). This will not work though, if the field width is set to a fixed value. In this case adding decimal places without increasing the field width may cause the drop of pre-decimal places and therefore a loss of data (if the number is too large for the field it will get lost and the field stays empty).

Node: If the original fields are replaced, the new fields are put on the same position in the spreadsheet automatically. To restore the original field order in the table file, you should use the function Reorder Fields afterwards.

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