Reorder Fields - Adjust field order in the table files

With this function you can reorder fields in several tables or themes. With a mouse click you can adjust the actual field order in the dBASE or INFO file to the spreadsheets in your project. The fields are always displayed in the order in which they occur in the spreadsheet of the project (this is not necessarily the order in which they are stored in the table file, because if you move table fields in ArcView with the mouse, the move is done only virtually in your project, not in the data file itself).

In order to move some fields several rows up to a certain position, just select these fields and the field after which they should be placed - then click on Move Up. The selected fields are grouped into a block beginning at the first selected field.

Hint: Tables at which the field order in the file have the desired order already, stay untouched. The order of joined fields can only be changed in the joined table itself of after freezing the join (see function Freeze Fields).

2003 WLM Klosterhuber & Partner OEG