Freeze Fields - Copy values of joined fields to real table fields

With this function you can convert joined fields in multiple tables or themes into real fields (i.e. fields of the same name are created and all field values copied). Thus you can freeze dynamic joins and make them permanent. The advantage is, that the join must not be established every time the project is opened (for multiple themes even several times), thus the project is opening much faster (see also Hints to join attributes). You can freeze joins between data fields (that were created with the ArcView function Table - Join) as well as spatial joins between the graphic features of themes (created with Geoprocessing Wizard - Spatial Join).

Warning: These duplicated fields may cause errors! You should leave the joins only if you want to update the join frequently (you don't have to build up the join every time). As reestablishing old joins is very simple with the function Join Attributes, we recommend to remove all joins after freezing.

Note: Normally the new fields receive the same name as the joined fields. But if there already was a field with the same name in the table, it will receive another internal name (e.g. "ID1" instead of "ID") and only the correct alias (i.e. it is still shown as "ID" in the spreadsheet). When a field was joined from an INFO to a dBASE table and its name was longer than 10 characters, it will be truncated internally but shown fully in the spreadsheet.

2003 WLM Klosterhuber & Partner OEG