Arc4You Data - Hints to join attributes

There are some differences between the normal Spatial Join of ArcView (Join Attributes) and the two new functions Load Attributes and Sum Attributes to join attributes from a source to a destination table:

The disadvantage is, that it may take a long time to join large tables and it has to be done several times for themes that are used several times in your project. This may slow done the opening of a project considerably. Load Attributes and Sum Attributes are static "joins" that are normally only done once, because the fields are added permanently to the table file. After changing the topology of the themes or field values of the source theme the "join" has to be rebuilt again though, if the values should be up-to-date.

Moreover joined fields can neither be edited, modified or deleted! You can use the function Freeze Fields to make a dynamic join permanent, this means to convert the joined fields into "real" table fields, that can be edited in any way. The freezing of joins speeds up the opening of the project too.

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